February 20, 2015

JF171: Introducing...The 80k Wholesale Deal

Half sale? Nope, WHOLESALE! Today’s Best Ever guest shares with you how to create your A-team as a wholesaler AND he shares with you his Best Ever deal that netted $80,000 buckeroos.

Best Ever Tweet:

Andy McFarland’s real estate background:

–        Owner of Quality Property Renovations which flips 10 – 12 houses a year based in Salt Lake City, Utah

–        Owner of Treehouse Investments which wholesales over 100 properties a year in three different states

–        Active investor since 2002 when he purchased his first property (“the Treehouse”)

–        Since then has purchased hundreds of properties and does hard money loans

–        Say hi to him at http://www.iloverealestatestories.com/

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