March 5, 2019

JF1645: We Completed A Business Plan & Sold A Deal - Here Are The Details - with Frank and Joe

Frank Roessler, for Best Ever Listeners that don’t know, is the Founder of Ashcroft Capital, and managing partner along with Joe. Recently, they finished a business plan and sold a deal, now we get to hear their case study discussion. This will be a normal segment on the podcast, whenever Ashcroft sells a property, we’ll hear the details from Frank and Joe! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review! Frank Roessler Real Estate Background: Founder of Ashcroft Capital Has overseen the acquisition of over $700,000,000 of institutional quality multifamily investments Based in NYC Say hi to him at Best Ever Tweet: “You can do everything else right, but if you can’t execute, you can really screw up an investment” – Frank Roessler Learn more about Frank: JF810: When Mother Nature DESTROYS Your Property, What Do You Do? #SkillsetSunday Sponsored by Stessa – Maximize tax deductions on your rental properties. Get your free tax guide from Stessa, the essential tool for rental property owners.

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