September 16, 2014

JF 16: How to Amass a Large Portfolio, Lose Most of It, and Come Back Stronger

By 2008 Kevin Bupp had amassed an impressive portfolio of over 100 properties including single and multifamily properties. He owned a mortgage company, a printing company and had streams of cash flow coming in on a monthly basis. Then the crash it and he lost 90% of his portfolio. Fast forward today and he’s successfully investing in multifamily properties with an emphasis on mobile home parks. Think he’s got some valuable lessons to share? You’re right – he does!

Listen to the show to hear his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever!

Kevin Bupp’s background:

  • Personally done more than $40,000,000 worth of real estate transactions
  • Investing for over 14 years in real estate
  • Serial entrepreneur – has owned a mortgage company, event company and printing company
  • Host of very popular podcast called Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow
  • Website is and is based in Clearwater, Florida

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