January 31, 2015

JF151: 3 Lessons Learned from Devastating Biz Losses AND How to Come Back Stronger

Today’s Best Ever guest talks about how she entered into a world of credit card processing – an industry that hadn’t evolved much at the time – and flipped that industry upside down by taking a different approach. Then, she applied those learnings to her other investments – one of which is real estate.

She has 3 lessons she learned along the way and shares them with you in our conversation – let’s go!

Best Ever Tweet:

Darrah Brustein’s real estate background:

–  Author and Founder of Finance Whiz Kids and is based in Atlanta, Georgia

–  Passive real estate investor via hard money lending

–  Founder of Atlanta’s largest monthly social and professional networking org called Network Under 40 and then Network Over 40 in 2014

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