September 9, 2014

JF15: From 100 Hours in Rat Race to 100 Homes

Andrew Lanoie had a full time job working over 100 hours a week and lived in a market that didn't cash flow. Ouch. Can you relate? He found a way to put together a team of experts who helped him buy over 100 properties in 6 years. He is now doing real estate investing full time. Hooray!!! Listen to the show to hear his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever!
Andrew Lanoie's real estate background:
    • Has done over 100 single family home deals in 6 years (while he had his full-time job!)
    • Successfully invested in Dallas, Memphis and Atlanta markets
    • Currently transitioning to larger deals - has a 44-unit under
    • Created Real Asset Academy ( to help investors with real estate deals
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