March 18, 2018

JF1293: Using Facebook Live To Build Your Real Estate Brand #SkillSetSunday with Camberley Woods

Camberley wanted to know everything about Facebook Live once it launched. As a Facebook marketer since 2007, she knew that Facebook live was going to be huge. Now she helps others market on Facebook via Facebook live. Get some fantastic tips from a Facebook expert in this episode! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

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Camberley Woods Background:

  • Runs an online marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media, & Facebook advertising
  • When Facebook Live launched in 2016, decided she wanted to learn everything she could about this tool
  • She teaches people how to grow their influence & sale their products/services using Facebook Live.
  • In two short years, she grew her agency to multiple 6 figures & never spent a dime on paid advertisements
  • Based in Mesa, Arizona
  • Say hi to her at

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Joe Fairless: Best Ever listeners, how are you doing?  Welcome to the best real estate investing advice ever show. I’m Joe Fairless, and this is the world’s longest-running daily real estate investing podcast. We only talk about the best advice ever, we don’t get into any of that fluffy stuff.

First off, because it is the weekend, I hope you’re having a best ever weekend… Today is Sunday, so since it’s Sunday, we do a special segment called Skillset Sunday where you’re going to come away from this conversation with a brand new skill, or perhaps a skill that you will hone even more so than what you currently have at your disposal. We’re gonna be talking about Facebook, and specifically Facebook Live, and how to get the most out of Facebook Live, as well as the changes that took place this year with Facebook and how that will impact you as you build your brand on Facebook.

With us to talk about that is our Facebook Live expert – how are you doing, Camberley Woods?

Camberley Woods: I am doing great. I’m so excited to be here!

Joe Fairless: Yeah, nice to have you on the show. We’re excited to have you on the show. A little bit about Camberley – she runs an online marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media and Facebook advertising. When Facebook Live launched in 2016, she decided she wanted to learn everything about this tool… So she did, and she teaches people how to grow their influence and sell their products and services using Facebook Live. She is based in Mesa, Arizona. With that being said, do you wanna give the Best Ever listeners a little bit more about your background and what you’re focused on?

Camberley Woods: Yeah. As you mentioned, one of my big focuses has been Facebook, and I’ve been helping clients with Facebook marketing since 2007, so for quite a while now. And I have watched all of the changes that have happened on Facebook, and the different ways they have dished up content to people in their news feed… And I started to notice that video was taking huge precedence over other types of content back in 2016, and then Facebook launched Facebook Live.
My initial reaction was “This is awesome. I obviously need to get involved with Facebook Live”, and I’ve totally geeked out. I have gotten super techie with the tech tools I’m using, but more importantly than that, I’ve gotten really smart and strategic about my strategy with Facebook Live.

Joe Fairless: Please elaborate on smart and strategic with strategy on Facebook Live.

Camberley Woods: I am really passionate about making sure the content that I put on Facebook Live is something that my ideal customer wants. It’s something that they don’t realize they’re already having questions about in their head. For example, I know that a lot of my followers have questions around “How do I add captions to my Facebook Live videos?” So as I noticed that I’m getting lots of questions around that, then I start creating lots of content all about just the captions on Facebook Live.

Then I try to take that person who is watching my caption video and then convert them into an e-mail lead, or I push them into my Facebook group… So I use my Facebook Live as a starting point for my conversation, and then I send them down a different path with e-mail, Facebook groups and that sort of thing.

Joe Fairless: So it’s your front door, it’s a way to welcome them, and then once you welcome them, then you let them into your home and then you talk to them about other things.

Camberley Woods: Yes, and I love how you’re using home analogies.

Joe Fairless: [laughs] You know what, I didn’t do that because there are real estate investors who are listening, but maybe subconsciously I did, I don’t know.

Camberley Woods: So you hit on a really key point earlier in the podcast, and that is this year Facebook changed how content is getting served up into our news feeds. In the past, Facebook tried to predict what they thought was relevant content for Joe. They may say “Okay, Joe is interested in real estate, obviously.” Joe, I don’t know if you’re interested in exercise, but maybe you were a weight-lifter and you’re into protein drinks; maybe you’re into cars and motorcycles, and Facebook would try to figure out who is Joe, what types of content does he like – we’re gonna put that in his news feed.

Well, Facebook changed that approach. Now they are building your news feed based on relationships. This means they know Joe’s mom is Patty — I don’t know your mom…

Joe Fairless: Her names is Pat [unintelligible [00:07:15].10]

Camberley Woods: Stop it!

Joe Fairless: Yup, yup…

Camberley Woods: That’s creepy. So they may say “Okay, Pat is Joe’s mom, so we’re gonna put Pat in his news feed. We know that Sam is Joe’s great friend from high school, and occasionally he likes his photos and he comments on them, so we’re gonna put Sam into Joe’s news feed.” Now, when this change was made, Facebook came out and stated that the reach Facebook pages we’re gonna see was going to drop, and the only way your page was going to have good reach is if you generate conversations with your followers and you build relationships with them. One of the ways that you can do this is through live video.

In fact, live videos get six times more interaction than pre-recorded video, and they get more comments and engagement than a photo post, or a link post. So if we’re trying to think of ways to get into people’s news feeds, we obviously know it’s gonna come down to conversations that build relationships, and live video is one of the best platforms for doing this.

Joe Fairless: How much is too much live video?

Camberley Woods: I don’t think you can do too much, as long as you’re providing value. Some people may have a hard time providing value, but you’ve got to show up on Facebook Live and you’ve gotta educate, or you’ve gotta entertain. Or I’ve heard that term where it’s edutainment – a blend of educate and entertainment. If you’re showing up on Facebook Live with that in mind and you’re a great storyteller, then I don’t think there is too much.

Joe Fairless: What if you are naturally someone who can inform, but it doesn’t come naturally for you to entertain?

Camberley Woods: One of the hardest things to watch are people who try to entertain and that’s just not them. You hurt for them, you’re like —

Joe Fairless: But they probably get more views because it is so awkward and tough to watch.

Camberley Woods: Yeah, that’s a really good point. But as long as they show up and the information they’re providing is valuable to their followers – maybe it’s a fear their followers have, it’s a pain point, or it’s uplifting to them — if they’re showing up and providing that type of value, they don’t really need to be entertaining. It’s just a bonus if you can blend the two.

Joe Fairless: Is that unique to Facebook Live, or is that thought process of “Is this information valuable to my followers?” applicable to other marketing tactics?

Camberley Woods: Oh yeah, this is applicable to all content marketing. Your content has to help your follower in some way, and at the same time your content needs to align with your product or service… Because if your content does not align with your product and service, then there’s a disconnect for your audience when you actually get in front of them and approach them with an offer. So when you are creating content for live video or any other type of content – e-mail, a landing page – you need to have at the front of your mind the fact that your content needs to provide value, and it’s gotta align with your product and services, and occasionally you need to tell your story, so that people can connect with you and build that relationship.

Joe Fairless: With Facebook Live, what are some tips for actually executing a successful Facebook Live video? More nitty-gritty stuff, assuming that we know “Hey, I’ve gotta add value, and ideally I educate and entertain”? Now that I know that, what about some tactical things?

Camberley Woods: I have lots of tactical things. So the first thing is when you get onto Facebook Live, jump right into your topic at first. When I hop on Facebook Live, I will state “On this video, I’m going to teach you ________” so the viewer, whether they’re live or watching the recording, knows exactly what they’re gonna learn on that live video.

Then I give my little bio. My little bio is just a couple sentences long, but it paints my expertise as it relates to my content. For example, with me having owned an online marketing agency and having marketed on Facebook since 2007, if people know those facts, then they already know “Oh, she knows her shizz. She’s obviously an expert, or she’s been around long enough to know about Facebook and the strategy that goes along with it.”

Joe Fairless: Okay.

Camberley Woods: So that’s where I start. Then the next couple things you need to consider are your content, and I usually bullet-point this out for myself; if I write it out, it’s too hard for me to follow, because I’m trying to hit those little zingers that I wrote out in my copy. So I outline it, and I make sure I have all those points that I wanna talk about. Then I also consider my calls to action and my calls to comment. This is the most important part of your live video – the call to action and the call to comment… Because on each video, we wanna be moving your viewer towards an action; maybe your action is to join your Facebook group, maybe your action is to private-message me, maybe your action is to grab a download… You have to have some kind of action that you want that user to take, so you can help propel them through that decision-making cycle.

So think about your call to action and then think about your calls to comment. You wanna have a lot of calls to comments in your Facebook live. Here is why. Your comments on your video are what Facebook recognizes as engagement, and if they see that there are comments and engagement, reactions happening on that video, then Facebook thinks “Oh, this video must be valuable. People really, really like it, so we’re gonna put it into more and more news feeds.”

So you need to think about those calls to comments before you go on your live, when you’re starting out. I’m getting to a point now with my live strategy where it comes naturally, but in the beginning I really had to think about this… And my call to comment could be something like “Give me the praise hands emoji if this makes sense to you.” Or it could be “Tag somebody in the comments who has a Facebook business page”, or “Leave a comment that says ‘outline’ if you would like me to send you my Facebook Live outline.” So think about those calls to comments before going on your live as well, because we want people to be commenting and interacting with you so that your content gets into more news feeds.

Joe Fairless: That makes a lot of sense. When you are ready to record, what equipment do you have to make sure it sounds good and looks good?

Camberley Woods: The brilliant thing about live video is all you need is a smartphone to start, and that’s actually where I started… Because my goal in the beginning was just to consistently show up and get comfortable on the camera. So I tell a lot of people, “Don’t let technology hold you back. Just use your smartphone at first.” Then you can add on little microphones… My favorite microphone I got off of Amazon; it’s $20, it hooks right into my phone, and it makes the audio sound great. [unintelligible [00:15:56].09] I can give you a link to that if your listeners are interested in that.
So you could do just a simple microphone, your smartphone, and then I have a little tripod. Or you can stand your phone up on — I’ve seen people use bookshelves, or [unintelligible [00:16:13].00] to just sit their phone up so it’s steady while they’re broadcasting.

Then when you’re ready to upgrade, you can use a webcam. I use a Logitech HD — it’s like the C920 webcam, and then I have a microphone that I use for my conference calls, and that’s just what I use for the microphone when I’m broadcasting from my desktop. And I use a Blue Yeti, which is a pretty popular one.

Joe Fairless: Anything else that we should talk about as it relates to maximizing Facebook Live for our business that we haven’t discussed already?

Camberley Woods: Yes, the last thing I would say about the tactical side of the live videos is — taking it back to your comments and your engagement, we wanna do something called engagement looping. When we engagement-loop people the concept here is to bring the people who commented on your video back to that video at a later date, to leave an additional comment.

So if Joe left a comment on my video, I would go back to that comment after the live broadcast and I would respond to Joe. Then I would follow up to Joe with a second comment, and on that comment I would end it with an open-ended question. It may be something like “Hey Joe, are you currently going live on Facebook?” What this does is Joe is going to get notified that I responded to him, then he’s gonna get that notification that I left him a question, and often times Joe will come back to my video and he’s going to respond to my question. Now I’m having a back-and-forward conversation with Joe on my video. This increases the number of comments on my video, and again, Facebook says “Ding-ding-ding! This video is getting lots of comments and engagement. Let’s put it into more news feeds.”
So any time you go live on Facebook and you get comments on your video, you wanna go back and try to engagement-loop those engagers.

Joe Fairless: Beautiful. Something I hadn’t heard of before, and — I certainly hadn’t heard of the term before, so thank you for sharing that. I’m glad I asked that question, and I’m glad that you had that comment. That’s really interesting.
How can the Best Ever listeners get in touch with you and learn more about what you’ve got going on?

Camberley Woods: They can find me on… Facebook!

Joe Fairless: Imagine that…!

Camberley Woods: I know, weird. You can find me on Facebook. My Facebook page is called Live Marketing With Camberley Woods, since I’m teaching about live marketing/live video… And I also have a Facebook group – it’s free, it’s private, and I coach people through Facebook live marketing and the strategies. That Facebook group is called The FB Live Lab for Facebook. They can also catch up with me over on my website at

Joe Fairless: Outstanding. Well, Camberley, thank you for being on the show and sharing with us how to optimize our presence on Facebook via Facebook live. I love how you walked through the entire approach for making sure that we first talk about what we’re gonna talk about, then give a little bit of information about ourselves, just a tiny bio to add the credibility, and then know what our bullet points are – don’t write it all out, just know what the bullet points are – and know what our calls to action and calls to comment are… And then lastly, that engagement looping tactic.

Thank you for that, as well as the overall approach for why we need to be focused on this if we are looking to build our business through Facebook, because of the new changes that have happened this year with the Facebook platform.

So thanks for being on the show. I hope you have a best ever day, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Camberley Woods: You’re welcome, thanks for having me.

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