January 24, 2018

JF1240: Using Wedding Money For Their First Deal with Mark & Hayley Davidson

Mark and Hayley both knew they wanted something different, found mentors, and jumped all the way into real estate investing. They hit a home run on their first deal, but quickly learned that not all deals are that easy. Tune in to hear an inspiring tale of starting out in real estate and keeping the grind going. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

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Mark and Hayley Davidson Real Estate Backgrounds:

-Owners of Marley Investments, LLC – a premier real estate solutions company

9 projects deep in 7 short months including wholesales, prehabs, rehabs, and what we like to call close sales.

-Family built a resort in the Philippines from the ground up that employees 4 families, to give back to the community

 where Mark’s mom is from.

-Took on an adventure of a tiny house that they bought and finished for $20,000 and are now flipping for $57,500.

-Say hi to them at https://www.mihomesolutions.com

-Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

-Best Ever Book: Who Moved My Cheese?


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