January 2, 2015

JF122: How to Start Slow and Steady Then Go Fast and Furiously


Today?s Best Ever guest shares how to get started in real estate and how you can too. Already started? That?s fine. He also shares how to go from a couple properties to a large portfolio.

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David Campbell?s real estate background:

- CEO of Hassle Free Cash Flow Investing based in Benicia, California (Benicia)

- Say hi to him at http://www.Hasslefreecashflowinvesting.com

- David has been a principal or key advisor to over $800 million of real estate transactions including apartments, office, retail, hospitality, winery, condo-conversion and home building

- As a real estate syndicator, he has raised and managed over $30 million of private equity invested in real estate developments

- Author of an ebook called Hassle Free Cash Flow Investing

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