December 15, 2014

JF104: Do this ONE THING then Watch your Sales Surge and Influence Grow!

Why do we make things so complicated? Most of the important things in business – like sales and influence – are actually pretty simple to master. It’s just a matter of knowing HOW to master it and then DOING it. Today’s Best Ever guest shares the HOW and now, it’s up to you to DO. Let’s go!

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Bob Burg’s background:

–        Author of Endless Referrals, The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More and newest book entitled, Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion

–        The Go-Giver climbed to #6 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller’s List, published in over 21 languages and fourth book to sell over 250k copies

–        Bob is joining us from Jupiter, Florida and you can say hi to him at

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