April 19, 2016

JF595: This REALTOR Has a Few Tips for Investors Looking to Buy

Today’s guest is a New York City real estate agent who has sold millions in volume using one simple trick. This trick works in any negotiation and she has mastered it. Press play to hear what it is!Best Ever Tweet:Don’t wait for the market to bottom out…you can’t time the market.Kelly Robinson real estate background:

Has over a decade of selling residential real estate in New York City
Deep market knowledge and a data-driven approach sets her apart
Over 70% of her closed listings selling for record prices and a strong record of saving buyers money allowing them to maximize return on investments
Based in New York City, New York
Say hi to her at http://corenyc.com/kelly-robinson
Best Ever Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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Are you a buy-and-hold investor or doing fix and flips?
I recommend talking to Lima One Capital. A Best Ever Guest told me about them after I asked how he financed 10 properties in one year. They are an asset-based lender with unique programs for long-term hold and fix and flippers.
Click to learn more or, better yet, reach out to Cortney Newmans at Lima One Capital. His cell is 404.824.6121.
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