April 15, 2024

JF3511: From Football to Flex Spaces: Michael Parrott's Real Estate Playbook



Michael Parrott, Director of Acquisitions for Suncap Real Estate, discusses his background and entry into real estate, as well as his focus on flex industrial and grocery anchored retail assets in the Southeast. He explains the advantages of investing in flex industrial properties, such as predictable supply and affordability for tenants. Parrott also shares a case study of a successful investment in Elk Mountain Business Park. He discusses the strategy for investing in grocery anchored retail centers and the importance of underestimating insurance rates. Parrott recommends the book 'Faith Driven Investing' and highlights the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an organization he supports.


  • Flex industrial properties offer predictable supply and affordability for tenants.
  • Investing in grocery anchored retail centers can provide higher yields and lower risk.
  • Underestimating insurance rates can lead to unexpected expenses in real estate deals.
  • The book 'Faith Driven Investing' explores the intersection of faith and business.
  • The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization that Michael Parrott supports.

Michael Parrott | Real Estate Background

  • Director of Acquisitions at SunCap, Founder of Mill Ridge
  • Based in:  Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks

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