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Work with Joe Fairless 1-on-1 in his private program or see him live at his annual Best Ever Conference. From personal programs to our large conference, check out which experience is best for you!

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Since beginning his career in commercial real estate, Joe has helped people throughout the United States make smart decisions with their money—whether they choose to become a passive investor or a more active commercial real estate partner. And he's ready to help you next.

Today, Joe controls more than $1.9 billion in commercial real estate assets. He has also written three books on real estate, which have been lauded by experts throughout the industry, including Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. Additionally, he runs a comprehensive blog and hosts the longest-running, daily podcast on commercial real estate.


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Work with Joe Fairless, an experienced apartment syndicator, to create a unique business strategy that fits your financial and investment goals. He can help you discover your target market and property type and find investors who have experience and share your drive. Get the freedom you need to do more of what you love!

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Apartment Syndication Mastery

Coach Trevor McGregor and Joe are ready to pull back the curtain and show YOU how to get into the game of apartment syndication. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor who is looking to scale, this 10-week apartment syndication mastery program is EXACTLY what you need to take your game to the highest level.

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The Best Ever Conference is the only experience offering MINI-MASTERMINDS. Network and learn from an intimate group of fellow investors and industry influencers from around the world starting as soon as you buy your ticket.

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