February 24, 2020
Joe Fairless

Your Top 10 All-Time Favorite Best Ever Podcasts: 2000th Podcast Edition

We just released our 2000th Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show. That’s approximately 50,000 minutes worth of real estate investing advice. Over 830 hours. Over 34 days!

We wouldn’t have been able to release a podcast for the past 2,000 days in a row if it wasn’t for you – the listeners. We create these podcasts so that you can grow a successful real estate investing empire without having to fall into the same traps as the nearly 2,000 active real estate investor podcast guests.

To celebrate this achievement, we wanted to go over some of your favorite podcast episodes. The ones that clearly added the most value to you and your real estate investing businesses.

Here are the top 10 most listened to podcast episodes from the first 2,000 episodes:

1. JF1231: Leveraging Technology To Automate The Money-Raising Process with Craig Cecilio

Host and Guest

Number of downloads: 15,042

My interview with Craig is my most listened to podcast of all time!

With nearly $1 billion in real estate assets financed, Craig has been quite successful with raising money. One thing that sets him apart from other groups doing the same thing is he leverages technology. His offerings are still 506c but he uses a crowdfunding platform rather than doing one-off syndications for each deal. Using the crowd funding platform allows him to cut out the some of the middle-men and automate much of the process.

Click here to hear Craig’s Best Ever advice.

2. JF1228: Two Unique Ways To Find Your First Off Market Apartment Deal #FollowAlongFriday

Number of downloads: 15,032

This is the number 1 most listened to Follow Along Friday of all-time.

Joe and Theo tell us a couple surprising and proven ways to find an off market apartment deal. You might be surprised how easy it is for you to add these techniques to what you are already doing in your real estate business. We’ll get a couple of quick updates on their businesses and how they can apply to us.

Click here to hear two unique ways to find your first off-market apartment deal.

3. JF1230: Find An Asset Class With Less Competition And Dominate It #SkillSetSunday with Tyler Sheff

Host and Guest

Number of downloads: 14,412

This is the number 1 most listened to Skillset Sunday of all-time.

When Tyler is looking for deals, he loves to find 5-50 unit deals. This is an interesting space because it cuts out the smaller investors who are intimidated by multifamily. Simultaneously, you cut out the bigger investors because the deal is too small for them. The biggest contributor to Tyler’s success he says is not assuming anything anymore, rather always asking questions. We get to hear great tips on how Tyler negotiates his deals, be ready to take notes

Click here to learn how to find and dominate an asset class with less competition.

4. JF1229: Hard Money Lending & Business Consulting All-In-One with Doug Fath

Guest Doug Fath on Best Ever Show 1229 Flyer with Joe Fairless

Number of downloads: 12,548

Doug and his company Legacy capital lend to investors and they also help them look to the future and grow their businesses. They work with their clients, not only funding deals, but also setting up one and three year plans. Doug says that even successful investors will not have one or three year plans, and are instead being ran by their businesses, rather than the other way around.

Click here to hear Doug’s Best Ever advice.

5. JF1653: How To Underwrite A Value-add Apartment Deal Part 1 of 8 | Syndication School with Theo Hicks


thoes Hicks

Number of downloads: 11,962

This is the number 1 Syndication School series episode of all-time.

Theo has covered a ton of details so far for apartment syndication deals. Today we’ll start learning about the actual underwriting process. Steps 1, 2, and 3 (of 7) are covered today, with more to follow! PLUS we’re including a free simplified cash flow calculator for you to practice your underwriting with, can be used along with these episodes to follow along.

Click here to listen to the number 1 Syndication School episode of all-time.

6. JF1486: From One SFR To Owning 100+ Units in Just Three Years While Working Full Time with Powell Chee

Guest Powell Chee on Best Show Ever banner

Number of downloads: 11,911

Powell bought his first property in 2015, which was just a single family home that he rented out. In the 3 years since then, Powell has acquired some bigger deals, for a total of over 100 units. Oh yeah, he’s also been working full time during this time!

Click here to listen to Powell’s Best Ever advice.

7. JF1227: 3 Apartment Buildings Closed In Just 12 Months with Mark Yuschak

Host and Guest

Number of downloads: 11,867

According to Mark, he was “fortunate enough to get laid off”, which allowed him to focus on real estate full time. Now Mark is a residential real estate broker and investor. He’s done 50+ flips has 20-25 rental SFR and now he owns 3 apartment buildings.

Click here to listen to Mark’s Best Ever advice.

8. JF1221: Your Guide To Evaluating An Apartment Community Before Making An Offer #FollowAlongFriday

Number of downloads: 11,771

Joe and Theo tell us mistakes they have made when evaluating deals and what they do differently now. If you’re in the market for any property, especially apartment buildings or communities, this is definitely an episode you want to listen to.

Click here to learn how to evaluate an apartment community before making an offer.

9. JF1217: 2018 Market Predictions From An Expert Economist with Peter Linneman

Banner for the Top 5 Episode of 2018 with Peter Linneman

Number of downloads: 11,749

Peter is an economist by trade. We get a TON of great advice when it comes to how we look at the economy and markets. Some of his best advice is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, don’t just focus on your business or you’ll never see the full picture. At the end of the interview Peter gives us a 2018 economy prediction.

Click here to hear Peter’s Best Ever advice.

10. JF1664: How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing #SkillSetSunday with Rock Thomas

Joe Fairless and Rock Thomas

Number of downloads: 11,728

As a previous guest, Rock already shared his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. In this episode, he came back for a Skill Set Sunday episode because he wanted to help more people. We’ll hear Rock discuss how people can get started in real estate investing.

Click here to learn how to get started in real estate investing.

Honorable Mentions

We have two honorable mentions.

First is JF234: Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Reveals Her Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. This was Co-Founder of Casmon Capital Group John Casmon’s first and favorite Best Ever podcast. He said, “it was the first Best Ever episode I listened to and just enjoyed hearing her tips. I was familiar with the BiggerPockets podcast but had never heard of any other podcasts before that episode.”

The other honorable mention is JF1213: Using IRA’s & 401k’s To Invest In Real Estate with Expert Bernard Reisz. This was Yohan Weiss’s first Best Ever podcast. He said “it blew my mind.” He also said that his favorite episodes are “the Friday recaps that you did , since I can’t always listen, but I love to hear the recap, and what YOU learned from each episode.. Keep it up until 10,000!”

These are the top Best Ever podcast episodes from the first 2,000 podcasts. Being the most listened to, if you’re new to the podcast, these are a great place to start. If you are a loyal listener, it wouldn’t hurt to refresh yourself on the advice given.

Thank you again to all of you and here’s to the next 2,000 episodes.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.
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