December 21, 2018
Joe Fairless

Top Trends in Real Estate Investment

Real estate trends and investment opportunities are always fluctuating and changing along with the market. This year has been no different. Being aware of recent patterns will help you to better navigate the market and to make better investment decisions overall. Whether you’re looking to start investing in real estate or are an experienced, accredited investor already, here are some of the movements to pay attention to.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes have continued to be a real estate trend as the market continues to grow. This property type is defined as a single unit structure that is detached from anything else. As more and more individuals are looking to rent more than just apartments, this is creating a growing market for rental homes. As a result, investors are increasingly becoming more active in building this market segment.

Single-family homes can be a great long-term investment option depending on your individual financial goals. But there are a variety of important considerations that should be made before investing in a single family home. First and foremost, location is a huge factor that must be considered. Is the property located in a good area? What is the local school district like? Particularly since this property type attracts families, you want to ensure that you are taking that into account when developing an investment strategy.

Interest in Texas

It’s no secret that Texas is a state that continues to generate huge opportunities when it comes to real estate trends and investments. This year in particular, the industry has seen continued interest and growth in Texas. With the growing and profitable oil and businesses, there are more and more companies that are flocking to the Lone Star State. This growth is creating more and more real estate investment opportunity in the state, including commercial spaces.

A Rise in Rentals

Another trend that has been steadily growing over the last few years is the increase of rental rates, particularly in cities. As cities continue to boom and grow, so does the number of people looking to rent property. What this means for real estate investors is that there will likely continue to be more and more opportunities to invest in apartment syndications. This means making passive income from monthly rental fees and the eventual sale of the property!

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New Construction

Another real estate trend that has been sweeping the country recently is a rise in new construction. This property type is defined as a building or home that is brand new and has never been occupied before. As the population grows, there is a need for new houses or rental spaces. As a real estate investor, purchasing a new construction property or apartment complex in a stable area could be a great addition to any investment portfolio.

Use of Technology

All aspects of the real estate market have been impacted or updated due to the continued use of technology, and this especially applies to marketing and online listings. More and more, the use of online marketing is helping to build awareness of what’s going on in the real estate industry. With the popularity of apps continuing to grow, you can now search for property listing, check housing prices, and see what realtors are active in your area all at your fingertips. This access to information is also making it easier to meet and connect with other investors that are also interested in purchasing or investing in real estate.

But the technological impact has not just be limited to apps. This includes the use of professional photographers and videographers, as well as staging floor plans and designs. This means that, when looking at a property online or via an app on your phone, the quality and level of both photography and interaction has improved. This continued use of technology will raise the bar for investors and buyers alike. Technology is truly shaping the way that all stakeholders in the real estate industry interact.

Last Thoughts

Real estate trends and markets will continue to grow and develop with time. As you become more and more familiar with real estate investment trends you will be able to better recognize what opportunities you can capitalize on. Being aware of the trends and regularly keeping up with the latest market regulations will help you to be a more informed and successful investor.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.
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