February 3, 2020
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The Landing MN

Who They Are

Dan and Holly Fifield founded The Landing MN, Inc. in 2018 after feeling called to help those in need in their community. They realized how much their community desperately needed a place for those who are suffering – not just homeless individuals, but anyone in any place of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress.

Dan, a former emergency room nurse, is the boots on the ground day in and day out. You can find him on the streets meeting with the individuals the organization serves, doing anything from intakes to shuttling to and from medical appointments, court hearings, and so much more.

Holly works as an oncology nurse at Mayo Clinic, having previously been in the labor and delivery unit for 20 years. From planning outreach events and fundraisers to handling the finances, you will be hard fetched to find a time where Holly isn’t utilizing her time to help and serve others.

Their vision is to build an organization that is a landing place for those in need, to seek resources to help individuals reach a point of security and stability in their lives. They want to have boots on the ground in their community, seeking out those who need a helping hand.

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What They Do

The Landing MN, Inc. is a resource-based non-profit organization working to help those facing homelessness in the greater Rochester, Minnesota area. The organization works to assist these individuals in many regards, such as providing:

  • Gently used clothing, shoes, boots, and cold weather gear
  • Meals via outreach events, donations, etc.
  • Assistance with meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, etc.
  • Facilitation with connecting to county resources, such as housing, food resources, and insurance
  • A safe, non-judgemental environment and a soft place to land

Their operations start at the ground level; their team walks the streets and skyways, seeking out those in need. They work to fulfill needs on an individual basis, assessing each situation upon intake.

Since their founding, their organization has coordinated efforts with multiple agencies to provide for the needs of people facing homelessness, including housing and healthcare, among other things.

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How You Can Help

Right now, The Landing MN is in the middle of their 1/5,000 campaign. This campaign is a pledge drive built with the goal to obtain and open a day center in Rochester, Minnesota. This day center will provide shelter, warmth, and resources for those facing homelessness within the community. The goal is for the day center to compliment the warming center that is in the works by Olmsted County, which will operate from 9pm-7am each day during the cold months.

The premise of the 1/5,000 campaign is simple – they are seeking 5,000 individuals, organizations, families, or businesses to pledge $100.

Our $1,000 donation will be going towards the goal of opening this new day center. If you would like to donate too, please click on the link below.

Donate to The Landing MN

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