April 5, 2021
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The Spring

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Who They Are

The Spring’s mission is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims, and promote change in lives, families and communities.

Founded by a community of churches and concerned women in South Tampa, The Spring began in a small bungalow, as two women opened up their home as a safe haven for a friend who needed to escape an abusive relationship. Word quickly spread about this safe haven and more women came forward needing shelter. Soon this network of community members quickly outgrew their capacity to shelter the abused inside their own home. And in 1984, their first shelter was built, with only four bedrooms. Today, The Spring has grown to be one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the state of Florida with 128-beds in their emergency shelter.

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What They Do

Since their founding in 1977, The Spring has provided a safe haven and comprehensive supportive services to more than 60,000 abused adults and their children, and have answered calls all hours of the day and night from well over 150,000 women in crisis.

The Spring offers many different services:

  • Emergency Hotline- A 24 hour hotline staff answers calls 365 days a year

  • Emergency Shelter- A 128-bed residential facility provides temporary emergency shelter in a secure location for individuals and for families.

  • Incredible Kids- Children living at The Spring are eligible for on-site childcare, elementary school, after school programs, summer camp and tutoring.

  • Shelter University- Offers classes to participants to help them prepare for self-sufficiency. Class topics include computer training, resume writing, financial literacy and social-emotional intelligence.

  • Health and Wellness- Connects survivors to healthcare services, facilitates health and wellness groups, coordinates community health resources for participants, and trains medical professionals on how to recognize and respond to signs of domestic violence.

  • The Pet Program- As victims of domestic violence prepare to leave their abusers, many fear for the safety of a pet. With community partners, The Spring provides a safe and confidential location for pets to stay while their families are in shelter.

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How You Can Help

Our $1,000 donation will be going toward transportation needs for survivors (car repairs, uber rides, relocation to safety).  Please join us, if you can, in supporting this Best Ever Cause!

If you would like to help support this Best Ever Cause, please follow the link below. Thanks!

Donate to The Spring

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