October 20, 2020
Joe Fairless

The only suits you need for every occasion

Most men have heard that they need to own at least one good suit, but the reality is that you will need several suits to wear for various types of events and occasions. With your focus on wealth building and passive investing, you understandably are focused on reinvesting as much of your wealth as possible into real estate and other types of investments. However, it is also important to invest in yourself.

When you look at bold suits worn by sports commentators on TV and then at the classic suits worn by top business executives, the incredible variation in options is apparent. The reality is that there is a perfect suit for every occasion, and some suits may work well for multiple occasions. Nobody wants to run out at the last minute to shop for something as important as a suit. Now is the perfect time to shift your focus away from generational wealth for a moment and to focus on sprucing up your wardrobe.

Elegant Evening Attire

What will you wear on a fancy dinner date? The right suit may work just as well for that date as it would for an awards ceremony, a formal evening wedding and other similar events. For this type of suit, consider a darker color. If you want to maximize the life of your suit, consider traditional colors like black, navy and gray. Slim-cut suits are in style now, or you can choose a traditional fit for timeless appeal. Your suit should also be well-suited for your body type. For example, larger men may look better and feel more comfortable in a jacket with two vents.

A Professional Suit for a Special Business Function

You may be able to find a multi-functional suit that is ideal for evening use and professional use. This is not your run-of-the-mill work suit. Instead, it is reserved for job interviews, power meetings with other real estate investors or lenders and other special business functions. The attire will make a bold statement about your success and wealth. Depending on your personality and your unique style, a classic evening suit may work great for this purpose as well.

A Casual, Daytime Suit

Men who focus on passive investing may spend many leisurely days in comfortable clothing, but there will be times when a casual suit for daytime use is needed. During the warmer months of the year, lighter colors and fabrics may work well. Think about khaki, light brown or light gray. In some situations, it may be suitable to take the jacket off and to show off a well-tailored shirt with cuff-links and a stunning tie.

Office Attire

If you are still focusing on wealth building, you may need to wear a suit daily to the office. The specific style of suit and colors that are suitable for one office will vary from what is acceptable in another office. Generally, it is acceptable to purchase solid pants with a printed or off-color jacket. This matched style may not look right for evening attire because it tends to be more casual. However, pairing the slacks with a jacket can give the professional look that you need while you are at work. In most offices, you may need to keep the prints and colors on the tame side.

A Smart Suit

When you need to look sharp without looking like you are trying too hard, a smart suit is the perfect option. You may be able to mix and match pieces from the other suits that you have acquired to put this look together. For example, you can pair nice slacks with a more casual button-down shirt, no tie and a sport coat. On the other hand, you could also dress up a pair of nice khaki pants with a button-down shirt and a nicer jacket.

A Somber Suit

While nobody wants to think about attire for a somber occasion, the time to plan for these events is before they arrive. Dark colors are expected at these events. You want to look respectable and respectful. Avoid making a bold statement with your attire. Remember that there is a time and a place for all types of attire.

Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting a Suit

With so many suits available to choose from, the color and style are only some of the factors to pay attention to. Both the fit and the material will impact your experience in a specific suit. Before finalizing your purchase plans, turn your attention to these factors.


For some men, investing in a custom suit that is tailored perfectly to their form is worthwhile. For others, buying a suit off the rack is a better option. If you opt for the latter solution, be aware that most men will not find a suit that fits perfectly on a rack. You should plan on visiting a tailor so that essential modifications can be made. Your shape will change over time, so you should plan to have your best suits tailored periodically until they need to be replaced.


It is easy to overlook a suit’s material and to focus on its style and fit. However, material will impact the suit’s longevity and durability. It will also affect how comfortable you feel wearing the suit. The texture of the material may also make a statement about its style. What are the most common types of suit materials?

  • Wool: This material is natural, soft and easy to care for. Because it is a breathable fabric, it may be suitable for wearing on both warmer and cooler days. However, some men find that it is too bulky for their taste.
  • Worsted Wool: This is a unique type of wool that is both durable and smooth. Its special qualities are the product of the material’s combing and carding processes. Worsted wool may also be used in tweed jackets.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere is another type of wool, and some cashmere is a wool blend. This material is known for having a beautiful sheen to it. The sheen may make it better suited for evening attire than for daytime or professional attire.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a lightweight, durable material that may be used in more affordable suits. Its properties make it ideal to wear for outdoor events and during the spring, summer and fall months. While it is a breathable material that is comfortable to wear, it can wrinkle and crease easily while it is being worn.
  • Linen: Linen generally is a lighter material than cotton. It is preferred by men who live in very warm climates. However, it is prone to staining and wrinkling. If you purchase a linen suit, you may need to dry clean it after each use.
  • Polyester: If you want to save money while investing in a suit, a polyester or polyester blend suit is a smart idea. This synthetic material has a modest shine to it that you will not find in a wool or cotton suit, so its lower quality may be apparent when you wear it. Because polyester is durable, however, it may be a good material to choose for an everyday suit.
  • Other Materials: Suits are also made using special materials, such as silk and velvet. These are high-end materials that are generally not suitable for everyday use, casual use or sophisticated formal events. Instead, they may be a better option for trendier occasions. These suits will require special care after each use to keep them looking great.

Colors and Prints

The most traditional colors of suits are black, navy, blue, charcoal and gray. While many suits continue to have a solid hue, it is increasingly common to see stripes, plaids and other designs. The variation in colors and prints may also extend to accompanying vests. The color or print of a suit may make a bolder statement than the suit’s cut, so careful consideration in this area is important. This will also impact how versatile the suit may be for use for other purposes.

Shirts, Ties and Shoes

The look of your new suit will be directly affected by the accompanying clothes and accessories that you choose. The tie and shirt require special attention because of how visible they will immediately be to everyone who glances your way. The shoes should never be an afterthought. When you invest in a pair of quality shoes, you will make a solid statement about your style from top to bottom.

Focusing on building passive income streams and establishing generational wealth are primary goals, but there are other factors to consider. You want to look as successful as you are, so investing in a new suit or two soon is a smart idea.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.
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