June 7, 2019
Joe Fairless

The Most Comprehensive Guide of Real Estate Conferences in 2019

In-person meetups and conferences are invaluable to real estate investors. Not only do we receive a world-class education from experienced real estate professionals, but we also network with other active investors, creating life-long relationships and maybe even future partnerships.

We recently hosted our third annual Best Ever Conference in Denver, Colorado. If you are looking for other conferences to attend this year, we put together this comprehensive list of real estate conferences in the second half of 2019.

If you are hosting a conference or know of a conference that is not on this list, please let us know by emailing info@joefairless.com and we’ll add it to the list.

Cruise to Freedom 2019

Host – Think Multifamily

Date – June 19th to 24th

Location – Enchantment Of The Seas Cruise Ship departing from Galveston, TX

Cost – Starting at $949

Who should attend? – Multifamily real estate professionals

Summary – Educational and pleasure cruise, where you’ll have opportunities to learn, as well as network and have plenty of time to relax and have fun together.

Conference Website

Connect Apartments

Host – Connect Conferences

Date – June 20th

Location – Los Angeles, CA

Cost – $299

Who should attend? – Multifamily real estate professionals

Summary – Multifamily’s most active players from across the country gather for insightful panels and networking to get deals done.

Conference Website

Connect Bay Area

Host – Connect Conferences

Date – July 18th

Location – San Francisco, CA

Cost – $149

Who should attend? – Commercial real estate professionals involved in the San Francisco market

Summary – Connect Bay Area will highlight the factors that are driving San Francisco’s commercial real estate growth, address critical shifting demands, identify who’s maintaining this momentum, and explain the best opportunities in the market not just today but in the near future.

Conference Website

Connect Texas Multifamily

Host – Connect Conferences

Date – August 15th

Location – Dallas, TX

Cost – $149

Who should attend? – Multifamily real estate professionals involved in the Texas market

Summary – Texas is home to three of the biggest multifamily markets in the nation – Dallas, Houston, and Austin – and tertiary markets where there is continuous growth. Connect Texas Multifamily highlights the multifamily market from a statewide perspective while addressing the important macro-economic issues and trends impacting the industry.

Conference Website

Connect Orange County

Host – Connect Conferences

Date – August 22nd

Location – Newport Coast, CA

Cost – $175

Who should attend? – Real estate professionals involved in the Orange County, CA real estate market

Summary – Join Orange County’s best for networking, conversation, leadership insights and a real take on what’s happening in the market

Conference Website

Ultimate Partnering 2019

Host – RE Mentor

Date – July 19th to 21st

Location – Boston, MA

Cost – $695

Who should attend? – All real estate professionals who are looking to grow their business, get money for deals, create a consistent cash flow stream and create a breakthrough to have your best year of personal and financial growth ever

Summary – Meet new partners, map out joint ventures, do more deals, do bigger deals, do higher profit deals, and cash more checks in an event format designed for you to discover the missing link in your business that’s needed to give you that big breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Conference Website

Deal Maker Live

Host – Michael Blank

Date – July 25th to 27th

Location – Dallas, TX

Cost – $697 (regular ticket) and $1,597 (VIP ticket)

Who should attend? – Multifamily investors and syndicators

Summary – Syndicators and speakers will be  revealing how to get started, how to find deals, how to raise money, how to overcome challenges, how to scale your business, and how to get big payouts

Conference Website

Secrets of Successful Syndication

Host – The Real Estate Guys

Date – September 27th and 28th

Location – Dallas, TX

Cost – $997

Who should attend? – Current and aspiring syndicators

Summary – Discover how you can start, fund, and operate your own real estate investing business by helping wealthy people grow their wealth through real estate.

Conference Website

Apartment Investor Mastery National Conference (AIMNATCON)

Host – Brad Sumrok

Date – August 10th

Location – Dallas, TX

Cost – Starting at $97 and up to $297 for a VIP ticket

Who should attend? – Apartment investors

SummaryI’ll leave you with this special message about AIMNATCON from keynote speaker Robert Kiyosaki

Conference Website

Florida Multifamily Summit

Host – RealInsight

Date – October 16th

Location – Miami, FL

Cost – $299 to $999

Who should attend? – Full-time multifamily investors, managers, and developers

Summary – Hundreds of the most active and prominent investors, developers, owners, and operators in apartment and condos come together to gain critical market data and fresh insights on how to best win in today’s Florida hotter than hot multifamily landscape.

Conference Website

New York Multifamily Summit

Host – RealInsight

Date – October 31st

Location – New York City, NY

Cost – Invite only (must request an initiation)

Who should attend? – Qualified multifamily principals, service providers, and vendors

Summary – Hundreds of the most active and influential multifamily players from the greater New York City area come together at this highly interactive event that will address today’s toughest challenges in investment, development, financing, construction, deal flow, and property management.

Conference Website

Deal Analysis Workshop

Host – Think Multifamily

Date – November 15th and 16th

Location – Plano, TX

Cost – Waiting List

Who should attend? – Apartment investors

Summary – Learn about the many factors typically ignored when underwriting apartment deals and the key factors that must be considered before investing in an apartment deal. Through individual and group learning techniques, you are sure to leave this workshop with more confidence, more clarity, and more connections.

Conference Website

Residential Assisted Living National Conference

Host – Gene Guarino

Date – October 3rd to 5th

Location – Phoenix, AZ

Cost – Starting at $495

Who should attend? – Current or aspiring residential assisted living investors

Summary – Assisted living and senior housing are the hot topics in real estate, business, and investing and will only get hotter over the next 20 years. This convention is your chance to be at the forefront of this incredible opportunity in residential assisted living right now.

Conference Website

New Orleans Investment Conference

Host – Jefferson Financials

Date – November 1st to 4th

Location – New Orleans, LA

Cost – Starting at $595

Who should attend? – All investors

Summary – The one place where the world’s most sophisticated investors gather every year to discover new opportunities and strategies, exchange ideas, plan for the coming year, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals in America’s most fascinating and entertaining city.

Conference Website

Multifamily Mastery Live 

Host – Jake and Gino

Date – October 19th and 20th

Location – Orlando, FL

Cost – Starting at $297

Who should attend? – Multifamily investors

Summary – Learn how to explode your wealth, create passive income, and become financially free by investing in Mom & Pop apartments.

Conference Website


NorthStar Real Estate Conference 

Host – NorthStar

Date – September 20th and 21st

Location – Minneapolis, MN

Cost – $295 (type in “earlybird” for a $100 discount through July)

Who should attend? – Multifamily, commercial, and residential real estate investors

Summary – This event gives 100% of the proceeds to charity. Speakers from across the nation will share how to grow and do more deals. This event will help you take your real estate investing to the next level.

Conference Website

Event or conference missing from this list? Let us know by emailing info@jeofairless.com.

Thank you to Jason Stubblefield for contributing to the creation of this comprehensive list.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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