June 2, 2022
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The Love Grows Program

Who They Are

Quality early childhood education should be a basic right for every child. The Love Grows Program (LGP) is a nonprofit organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that empowers families by providing access to tuition-free, high-quality preschool education through its scholarships for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old.

Students of LGP will attend The Growing Room Preschool in Oakley, which has been a staple of early childhood education in Cincinnati for over 20 years. LGP aims to offer an extension of this model and community with its scholarships.



What They Do

The Love Grows Program’s mission is to grow young minds into future leaders through connection-based education. LGP is committed to providing equitable early childhood education to its community of families. Through its partnership with LGP, The Growing Room Preschool has been offering tuition-free preschool since September 2021.

Through LGP’s scholarships, The Growing Room aims to offer a beautiful child-centered atmosphere with a focus on play, while supporting the whole child and the whole family. Focusing on children’s academic, social, and emotional needs, The Growing Room and LGP provide quality, licensed education in an inclusive, safe environment.

LGP understands that education reaches past just the child. That is why they are committed to providing wraparound services for participating families as well. They offer:

  • Full kitchen services
  • Backpacks and school supplies
  • Food pantry
  • Clothes pantry
  • Wi-fi and computer services
  • Behavior support
  • Parent support




How We're Helping

Our donation of $1,000 will be used to help fund LGP’s summer programming for 2022. The program is supported heavily by volunteers, in-kind donations, tuition add-ons, fundraisers, Garden Gala proceeds, scholarships, pledges, and grants. 

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