October 1, 2021
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Stepping Stones

Who They Are

Stepping Stones is a nonprofit, United Way partner agency that has been making an impact on the Greater Cincinnati community since 1963. They offer a variety of educational and recreation program opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Stepping Stones is known for innovation and creatively meeting the unmet needs of the community. In 1963, they pioneered camping programs for children and adults who had few or no alternatives by founding the region’s first summer program for individuals with disabilities.

Their Step-Up program was also Southwest Ohio’s first alternative education program of its kind for students on the autism spectrum who have exhausted options in traditional school settings. Currently, the program serves students from more than 13 school districts.

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What They Do

At Stepping Stones, children, teens, and adults with various abilities find pathways to independence that improve their lives and enable them to be more fully participating members of the community. Their programs include:

  • Adult Day Services
    Individuals with disabilities find pathways to independence, build confidence, explore their community and develop independent living skills.
  • Saturday Kids Club
    An evening program that allows children and young teens with disabilities to get active and enjoy a variety of age-appropriate recreational activities.
  • Saturday Young Adults Club
    An evening program where teens and young adults with disabilities connect with their peers while taking part in seasonal recreational activities.
  • Step-Up Autism Education
    An alternative autism education program that enables students on the autism spectrum to increase communication, social skills, functional academics, and functional living skills.
  • Summer Day Camp
    A nine-week program that allows campers ages 5 through 22 to bond with their peers while participating in popular summer activities like swimming, fishing, art, and music.
  • Summer Overnight Staycations
    A five-day adventure where teens and adults with disabilities can enjoy enriching activities including archery, creative arts, fishing, swimming, game nights, talent shows, and more.
  • Weekend Respites
    An adventurous two-night retreat for teens and adults with disabilities that includes accessible trails, lakes for boating and fishing, indoor/outdoor program spaces, a commercial kitchen, and more.
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How We’re Helping

Best Ever Causes has donated $1,000 to help benefit Stepping Stones’ recreation and educational programs for children, teens, and adults with disabilities. Donations like ours support materials, games, art, supplies, and more for these programs.

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