September 30, 2020
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Who They Are

Soles4Souls disrupts the cycle of poverty by creating sustainable jobs and providing relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the organization repurposes product to supply its micro-enterprise, disaster relief and direct assistance programs. Since 2006, they have distributed more than 35 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries and generated over $250 million in economic impact. A non-profit social enterprise, Soles4Souls earns more than 70% of its income and commits 100% of donations to programs.

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What They Do

Soles4Souls turns unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity, by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use – providing relief, creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty. Why Shoes and Clothing? Something as simple as a pair of shoes can make a big difference. 

• Sustainability – By putting unwanted shoes and clothing to good use, textiles are kept out of landfills. 

• Health – Shoes and clothes prevent injuries and illnesses, and they provide dignity to people in need. 

• Opportunity – Micro-entrepreneurs sell shoes and clothing to build businesses and support their families

Did You Know????

  • Soles4Souls has kept more than 51 million pounds of shoes and clothing out of landfills.
  • They work directly with over 1,200 domestic and international non-profits to distribute free shoes and clothing to people in need and in times of disaster. 
  • On average, Americans throw away 70 pounds of textiles (shoes and clothing) per person, per year. That adds up to 21 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills. The EPA estimates that only 15% of clothing and footwear in the U.S., is recycled, leaving the remaining 85% in our landfills.
  • The World Bank estimates that 736 million live on less than $1.90 per day. 385 million are children. Many don’t have access to a sustainable job or resources to provide for themselves. Meanwhile many simply can’t afford adequate shoes and clothing and are left vulnerable to disease. Children often don’t meet uniform requirements in order to attend school and are at risk of falling behind and unable to receive an education.
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How You Can Help

Our donation of $1,000 will be going toward the 4 Every Kid Initiative.

More than 1.5 million children in the United States are homeless. That’s the highest rate of youth homelessness in our country ever. 

Given the economic hardship created by COVID-19, many more kids are about to experience homelessness for the first time.

Don’t all kids deserve to have their basic needs met, from a roof over their head to a pair of shoes on their feet? We think so. And with your help, we can offer every homeless child in the U.S. a new pair of shoes — and confidence and strength during an uncertain season.

Your monthly gift of $30 can provide new shoes for 30 homeless children. You can impact a child’s life every single day. If you would like to donate and help us support this Best Ever Cause, please follow the link below. Thank you!! 


No act of generosity is too small to make a difference!

Donate to Soles4Souls

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