July 1, 2019
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Rejuvenating Women

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Who They Are

Rejuvenating Women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. They are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with the girls and women who are deeply traumatized by loving her right where she is at.  They raise awareness of human trafficking in the community as well as invest in the lives of girls and women who are living in their residential home as well as those participating in their day program. Their two-year, residential therapeutic program is free-of-charge to survivors and includes, but is not limited to individual and group therapy, case management, mentorship, legal services, tattoo branding removal, equine therapy, occupational therapy services, life-skills classes, and receive comprehensive medical care. They are solely funded through donors and private grants. 

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What They Do 


Rejuvenating Women protects survivors of human trafficking by providing a safe and compassionate environment in which they can heal. Their 18-24 month Restored Wings program allows survivors a 5,500 square foot home in which to live and receive free services to help them regain their lives. Survivors can stay for up to two years and are provided in-depth counseling, case management and free legal services during this time. Treatment is individualized to give each woman the best possible care. They also focus on education and aim to teach them life skills, assign them a mentor and offer empowerment and parenting classes.

The home is open to any woman 19 years or older who is a survivor of any form of sexual exploitation and trafficking. 


Rejuvenating Women raises awareness about human trafficking within the community at churches, events, school, colleges, and universities. Through education, we can take steps toward prevention. 

Branding Tattoo Removal

Rejuvenating Women offers free branding tattoo removal for survivors of human trafficking who are currently in their day and/or residential program through one of our partners.

Each tattoo branding that a victim receives is a constant reminder of the bondage she suffered at the hands of her trafficker. Branding tattoo removal is an essential part of her healing and recovery process while in the Restored Wings Program. 

Legal Services

Legal Services, as well as consultations, are provided by a Rejuvenating Women partner for human trafficking survivors in either the day or residential Restored Wings Program. 

Mental Health and Counseling

Survivors of human trafficking often deal with a tremendous amount of complex trauma, abuse, and addiction. At Rejuvenating Women, they are aware of the various needs of the women they serve which is why they have hired and partner with counselors that offer different types of therapy and treatments all AT NO CHARGE to women in the Restored Wings program and other survivors within the organization. 

How You Can Help

Our donation of $1,000 provides a full set of program curriculum for 2 residents. Below outlines what your donation can provide for these survivors of human trafficking.

Any amount helps! When you give to Rejuvenating Women, your gift goes toward building a brighter future for both labor and sex-trafficked survivors.

$25 – provides gas in the RW van for up to 1-week to transport the residents to healthcare appointments; court appearances; work; and school.

$50 – provides gas in the RW van for up to 1-week to transport the residents to healthcare appointments; court appearances; work; and school. Will provide a full set of program curriculum for one resident.

$250 – helps one resident with her own groceries, some of her prescribed and over-the-counter medications for one month.

$500 – will provide a full set of program curriculum for one resident.

Help us build a better future for these survivors!

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