June 2, 2021
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Gorman Heritage Farm

Who They Are

Gorman Heritage Farm is a 122-acre nonprofit, working farm with a mission to educate about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment. The vision of Gorman Heritage Farm is to cultivate an informed, involved community dedicated to building healthy futures. Their values fulfilling the Gormans’ legacy are self-reliance, stewardship, service, fun experiential learning, and meaningful labor.

The Farm consists of 30 tillable acres, a farmyard with a variety of animals, several gardens, 40 acres of wooded hillside, five miles of hiking trails, and a natural pond. Gorman Heritage Farm encourages visits from members, guests, school groups, scouts, families, corporate groups, civic groups, and more. The paid staff includes both farming and administrative professionals, supported by a strong cadre of volunteers.

In recognition of the outstanding examples of local architecture, agricultural development, and family farming, Gorman Heritage Farm was named to the National Register of Historic Places in August of 2012.

Gorman Heritage

What They Do

The main mission of Gorman Heritage Farm is education. The Farm is an ideal outdoor classroom to connect eager learners with topics including food systems, life science, and history. Many children don’t realize that eggs do not just come from the grocery store, or that cotton grows on a plant, while wool is from a sheep. Are birds warm- or cold-blooded? This concept becomes concrete when students help collect fresh eggs, still warm in the nest.

In addition to education, Gorman Heritage Farm is proud to be a working farm, which means they grow produce and raise animals. While Gorman Heritage Farm is not a certified organic farm, they follow the spirit of healthy and sustainable food production.

Their gardens use only natural amendments and bio-intensive gardening methods, including cover crops, raised beds compost and natural mulching methods, and biochar. Their livestock is raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. The chicken and meat animals are pasture raised and grass fed.

Gorman Heritage Farm

How We Are Helping

Our $1,000 donation will be used to support the Farm’s mission to educate about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment.

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