July 25, 2018
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New Jersey Tree Foundation

Who They Are

Founded in 1998, the The NJ Tree Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees in New Jersey’s most urban neighborhoods, where the need is greatest. Through tree planting, volunteerism, and partnerships, we assist numerous communities in improving their environment and quality of life.

What They Do

The NJ Tree Foundation offers several different programs to plant trees in urban areas of New Jersey. They work directly with residents to help them improve their streets by planting at least ten, 10-15′ tall trees on a street.

The Urban Airshed Reforestation Program is a community-based street tree planting program that began in Camden in 2002. This program serves the City of Camden and surrounding South Jersey cities based on available resources. Designed to improve air quality, manage stormwater, and provide shade, the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program has removed approximately 87,912 square feet of impervious surface to plant 6,818 trees along city streets, 237 of which were planted in the spring of 2018. Prioritizing grassroots work, the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program empowers residents to create positive changes in their own communities. Residents apply for and adopt trees, help organize events, and assist with the planting of each tree.  To date, the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program has engaged approximately 13,660 volunteers from all walks of life in beautifying South Jersey’s cities.

The Renaissance Trees Program is a community-based reforestation effort that began in 2006 in the City of Newark. This program serves the City of Newark and surrounding North Jersey cities based on our resources. Created to increase the tree canopy, improve the environment, and enhance the quality of life in New Jersey’s largest city, the Renaissance Trees Program has planted 2,902 trees. More than 21,435 square feet of concrete has been removed, improving stormwater management and promoting a healthier community forest. Residents apply for a neighborhood tree planting, agreeing to plant and maintain the trees. To date, the Renaissance Trees Program has engaged more than 6,300 volunteers from all walks of life in beautifying North Jersey’s cities.

The Green Streets Program combines urban forestry and green infrastructure with job training for men under parole supervision. Each spring and fall, Green Streets hires and trains a crew of three men to work seasonally. The program allows the men to earn an income while learning a trade and transferable job skills to help them re-enter society. Green Streets’ work is contract-based. The Green Streets crew can be hired for affordable tree planting/maintenance and rain garden installation/maintenance in most New Jersey municipalities. Any profit earned through the contracts is put back into the NJ Tree Foundation’s community-based tree planting programs in urban areas. Green Streets has hired and trained over 100 men under parole supervision since its start in 2006.

The New Jersey Tree Foundation’s Memorial Tree Program makes it easy to continue this spirit of remembrance and generosity. The cost of planting a memorial tree is $600.00. This contribution provides for the purchase, transportation, planting and continued care of a shade tree in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ. An acknowledgement card, reflecting your donation in memory of your loved one, will be sent to the donor or requested third party.

How You Can Donate

To make an online donation to the New Jersey Tree Foundation, please visit their website HERE.  Our personal donation of $600.00 went towards the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program to plant one large tree. Below serves as a guide for giving. Any and all amounts are appreciated.

$600: Plants one large tree (12′ tall) in a New Jersey city like Newark or Camden.

$350: Plants one large tree (12′ tall) in a park or town.

$100: Plants a fruit tree (5-6′ tall)

$75: Provides educational materials to residents to maintain their trees.

$35: Provides gloves and tools for volunteers.

How YOU Can Help

Volunteers are always needed. Every spring and fall, hundreds of volunteers join forces with the NJ Tree Foundation and our community partners to dig holes, plant trees, lay mulch, and have fun at tree planting events. Sign-up for the e-newsletter, by clicking HERE, to be the first to know.

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