November 10, 2021
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HACEMOS - AT&T’s Hispanic and Latino employee resource group

Who They Are

HACEMOS is AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino employee resource group with a national presence that is open to all AT&T employees. Their mission is reflected in their motto: “¡Juntos hacemos más!” or, “Together we do more.”

HACEMOS engages people and enriches lives. Operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a nationwide presence of 31 chapters, HACEMOS is committed to supporting AT&T, its members, and the communities they serve. HACEMOS is focused on transforming lives through signature events such as High Technology Day and its robust scholarship program.

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What They Do

The mission of HACEMOS is to foster an environment where people help each other to succeed professionally, personally, and in the community. Through HACEMOS, community members support and encourage each other to succeed through networking, volunteering, and social activities. 

HACEMOS emphasizes education and provides scholarships in the community it serves, along with personal development opportunities to its members.

The organization provides academic scholarships to individuals and to other 501(c)3 organizations to assist in their pursuit of higher education. The HACEMOS Scholarship Program provides for applicants of Hispanic heritage as well as dependent children of active HACEMOS members.

High Technology Day events organized by local chapters also provide high school students with a firsthand experience of the daily operational activities within AT&T, Inc.

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How We’re Helping

Best Ever Causes has donated $1,000 to the Fort Worth, Texas chapter of HACEMOS so they can continue to mentor, coach, and empower students through programs like Road to Success. Through this program, HACEMOS helps guide students through higher education and scholarship application processes. Many participants have been awarded full academic scholarships to the universities of their choice, and many will also be the first of their families to attend college thanks to the support and encouragement they received from Road to Success.

Donate to HACEMOS Fort Worth Chapter
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