August 4, 2021
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Fighting Chance Rescue

Who They Are

Fighting Chance Rescue’s mission is to rescue, provide treatment and care, and prevent the neglect and abuse of horses through education, investigation, and rescue operations. They offer sanctuary for slaughter-bound, abused, and neglected horses,  advocate for their welfare, and enhance the human-animal bond. It is one of the only equine rescues serving Southeastern Ohio.

Fighting Chance Rescue, Inc. (FCR) was started in March of 2016. It came about based on the rescue of horses Chance, Destiny, and Bugs. FCR founders Kim and Joe Kinder saved Chance from imminent death in Clermont County, Ohio along with his mother, Destiny, and another horse, Bugs. 

Unfortunately, Chance was not able to overcome the effects of his starvation and neglect and died. His mother Destiny passed later in the year from the effects of starvation. Bugs, however, has found his new forever home.

After caring for these three horses, the Kinders decided to chase a dream of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue, which led to the creation of Fighting Chance Rescue.

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What They Do

Fighting Chance Rescue has saved more than 300 horses from slaughter and abuse since it was founded, including elderly, very ill, and neglected horses.

FCR’s Programs:

Equine Rescue — Specializing in Critical Care
Provides medical, nutritional, farrier, and rehabilitative care for unwanted horses or those in need of rescue from individuals, humane societies, and law enforcement.

Auction Sale
Provides medical, nutritional, farrier, and rehabilitative care for horses purchased from horse sales and auctions that would otherwise end up in slaughter.

Senior Sanctuary
Provides sanctuary and care through end of life to unwanted senior horses.

Destiny’s Hay Loft
A fund FCR maintains to provide emergency feed to horses in memory of Destiny and her son, Chance. The fund is distributed via the Adam and Brown County humane societies and Clermont County law enforcement.

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How We Are Helping

Best Ever Causes has donated $1,000 to help Fighting Chance Rescue purchase 40 gate panels. For every panel purchased with the help of donors, a nameplate will be engraved with the group’s or family’s name.

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