November 3, 2018
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CORE Educational Services

Who They Are

Founded and incorporated in 2005, CORE Educational Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was created to fulfill a need for collaboration within the youth development community. Its founders recognized the value of joint ventures among service providers and invested time and energy in developing strategic collaborations. Members of the CORE board visited schools and district offices, attended youth development conferences, and hosted lectures pertaining to out-of-school time activities to develop strong relationships and alliances within the after school community. Ultimately, CORE created partnerships with non-profit organizations, for profit institutions as well as schools and districts in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.CORE’s mission is to build the skills and experiences of teenagers from underserved communities through innovative and engaging expanded learning time activities so they can succeed in school, work and, life.

What They Do

CORE aims to inspire the next generation through immersive experiences that provide youth from under-resourced communities with the opportunities, skills and confidence to succeed in life. Opportunities include academic enrichment, college and career preparedness programs, outdoor education, adventure retreats, art and music courses, physical fitness, and leadership training.Educational programs include:

  • Nature Now- Trains student interns over the course of 10 weeks as outdoor adventure guides specializing in rock climbing while also learning important marketing and leadership skills to be young entrepreneurs.

  • Hunger Prevention Project- This 10-week leadership development series educates students about food insecurity, trains them as hunger advocates, provides leadership trainings, and empowers them to implement service projects.

  • Teen Adventure Challenge- This is an annual youth adventure and team building race that brings communities across Southern California together to inspire young people to step out of their comfort zones and explore new opportunities in the outdoors.

  • Youth in Action- Be the Change Club will meet once per week for 60 minutes after school starting after Spring Break to explore issues in the community as well as solutions. Participants will research, design and implement awareness and volunteer activities in their school and community.

How You Can Donate

Our $1,000 donation went towards supporting CORE’s Nature Now program.  Nature Now provides Los Angeles high school students with outdoor adventure activities (rock climbing) that build their self esteem and leadership abilities. The program also provides them with valuable experiences that they can list on a job application or college resume.  The $1,000 will assist in getting students outdoors and active and set them on a path to higher education and/or a career.

Any and all donations are appreciated! Donations from $10-$50 will enroll a student in a CORE program while larger donations will go towards supporting an entire program at a school.CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

How You Can Help 

Do you want to make an impact on the youth of Southern California? Click HERE and contact CORE to find out how you can get more involved.

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