December 2, 2020
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Commercial Real Estate: What to Expect from a Biden Presidency

What does Biden’s presidency mean to commercial real estate? Last Thursday was the launch of the first of many monthly web series leading up to the Virtual Best Ever Conference 2021, scheduled for February 18-20. Our topic of conversation? Just that.

Commercial Real Estate: What to Expect from a Biden Presidency

President Donald Trump finally accepted defeat after one of the most divisive (or should we say interesting?) races in the history of the U.S. With three days of refusing to work with Biden’s team, claiming election fraud by the president and efforts to top the counting of ballots, the former vice president secured the election with wins in several states that Trump won in 2016. And, in case you missed it, Biden has hinted he will be pushing for changes in the real estate industry. Will these changes be good or bad?

We had an awesome virtual gathering of panelists that dialed in to discuss the Biden presidency and what it means for Commercial Real Estate. With more than 70 participants, the audience engaged the panelists in ways we didn’t anticipate and it truly made for an informative webinar with a lot of takeaways.

Panelists included John Chang from Marcus & Millichap, Rebecca Walser from Walser Wealth Management, Professor Anthony Grasso from Rutgers University Camden, and Ben Lapidus, from Spartan Investment Group.

What did you miss? Well, frankly, quite a lot. Now, while we won’t give you ALL the juicy details we can give you a few hints of what you can expect to learn. With the purchase of your ticket to attend BEC 2021, it gives you access to this webinar and all future webinars leading up to our virtual conference.

The discussion included the specific migration patterns of the US population into secondary markets, asset class winners and losers in a COVID era and post-COVID era, the three tax code changes to anticipate and the three recommendations for 2021 to protect against it, the down ballot results effect on the American consciousness and what this means for real estate investors, and more.

As real estate investors, these topics are important to discuss and familiarize yourself with in order to remain knowledgeable and aware of what will affect you, your business, and your decisions in the coming years.

For full access to this webinar and future exclusive content, visit BEC 2021 and purchase your tickets today. We’ll have video conferencing and chat rooms dedicated to hundreds of different networking topics, all from the comfort of your home.

Again, as we lead up to BEC 2021, we will be hosting monthly webinars specifically for ticket holders. We are still running 30% off through 11:59 a.m. for Black Friday (and now Cyber Monday). To receive the discount, just use code BF30 when checking out.

Our next webinar is: Debate: Will 2021 Winners be Net Sellers or Net Buyers?

We will have two teams of commercial real estate experts face off to debate whether you should focus your 2021 on buying or selling. Who will become the winners in the new economy and how will they get there?

We will be announcing the date and the real estate experts soon, so look for it in an upcoming blog and email.

We can’t wait to virtually meet you.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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