June 30, 2022
Best Ever CRE Team

Best Ever Cause: CAMO Animal Rescue


Who They Are

CAMO is a 501(c)(3) small breed rescue that saves the most needful and neglected animals with the greatest medical needs.

Founded by Holly Dool in 2014, the Texas-based nonprofit group is devoted to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters in Houston, Odessa/Midland, and many other surrounding areas. Their mission is to save homeless dogs while educating the community.

CAMO comprises volunteers who span a range of ages, professions, and experience levels. They are all devoted to saving the lives of homeless animals by getting them off euthanasia lists and into fur-ever homes.


What They Do

The biggest obstacle for the animals at open admission shelters is the lack of space. When these facilities are overwhelmed without enough adopters to alleviate overcrowding, the intake facilities are often forced to euthanize animals to open up space. CAMO bridges the gap with a temporary kennel until these urgent animals can either be adopted or moved to an out-of-state rescue partner.

CAMO saves an average of 850 lives per year (854 in 2021), and they spend over $500,000 each year on vetting costs for their animals. They accept seniors into the program, as well as heartworm-positive and medical case animals, with dogs in foster homes all over the state of Texas. 

CAMO accomplishes all of this while relying 100% on financial support from the community.


How We're Helping

Our donation of $1,000 will be used to help CAMO continue to provide temporary kennels, medical treatment, and more to save the lives of animals in need.

Donate to CAMO Animal Rescue



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