January 1, 2022
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Big Sky Bravery

Who They Are

Big Sky Bravery provides proactive support for active-duty Special Operations Forces. The civilian-based organization was founded in 2015 with the belief that a debt of gratitude is owed to these elite military members who risk their lives to protect ours. They do so under the radar and out of the spotlight, and it is because of their selflessness and bravery that we are able to live in a safe and free America.

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What They Do

Big Sky Bravery is dedicated to providing these elite military members with post-deployment decompression programs in Montana’s restorative surroundings. Their programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of these individuals by building trust, brotherhood, and friendships at this critical time in their lives as a means to improve their psychological and emotional wellbeing. 

Big Sky Bravery’s principles of decompression, engagement, brotherhood, and trust (“DEBT”) lay the foundation for each recipient’s experience and create the opportunity to forge a lifelong bond:


  • To feel human again and foster freedom of thought
  • Value of adrenaline and therapeutic recreational activities


  • Activities that require execution
  • Discussions that warrant ideas, implementation, and meaningful conversations
  • Proficiency in skills that promote teaching to future generations and opportunities


  • A lifelong pledge to the recipient of friendship, mentoring, and guidance


  • Secrecy and minimal community knowledge of their operations
  • The importance of communication and letting your guard down
  • Respect — each individual gets from the program what they put into it
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How We’re Helping

Our donation of $1,000 will be used to support Big Sky Bravery’s mission to continue to support the psychological and emotional well-being of our Special Operations Forces.

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