August 16, 2016
Joe Fairless

Best Ever Success Habit of the Nation’s #1 Landlord Helper

In my conversation with Linda Liberatore, who created the number one tenant communication and payment assistant company in the nation that supports over 1,000 landlords, she provided me with her Best Ever success habit: find something that needs to be done to further your success and do it on a daily basis.

Linda can attributed much of her success to being a big “daily person.” If she finds a specific activity that brings her tangible success, she exploits it by doing it daily. Not on odd days or even days only, but she makes the commitment to doing it daily.

When Linda first began her tenant communication and payment assistant company, she was starting from scratch. She had previously obtained her real estate license, but did not have many connections with landlords. Therefore, the only way she could expand her business was by conducting everyone’s favorite activity – cold calling. Being a “daily person” and understanding the power of consistent activity, she committed to making a certain number of cold calls every single day, no matter what. Linda knew that if she wanted to create a large, successful business, she couldn’t give up and miss a day.

Another habit that Linda commits to daily is her education of the real estate industry. She is apart of 8 real estate associations locally. In order to add value to those meetings, she must perform research and self-education. And with 8 meetings to attend every month, she has committed to gaining knowledge every day to always have information she can provide to others.

Education and cold calling are just two of many examples of success habits you can instill to you daily routine. Reading, journaling, running numbers on deals, creating posts on BiggerPockets are a few other examples of success habits that you can implement daily, but the options are basically limitless. Once you find an activity, habit, exercise, etc. that furthers your real estate success, exploit that activity by performing it each and every day, no matter what.

What are some of your daily habits that have furthered your real estate success?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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