August 1, 2022
Best Ever CRE Team

Best Ever Cause: Dream Foundation

Who They Are

The only national dream-granting organization for terminally ill adults, Dream Foundation, fulfills final Dreams that provide inspiration, comfort, and closure at the end of life. Their work plays a critical role in the special end-of-life care that focuses on improving the quality of life for patients and their families. 


What They Do

With the support of a nationwide network of volunteers, hospices, health care organizations, and committed donors, Dream Foundation has given life to more than 33,000 final Dreams since being founded in 1994. Dreams can be as simple as basic needs items, creating happy memories, meeting a personal hero — any request that provides support and compassion.

Dream recipients are 18 and older in all 50 states of the United States and Puerto Rico with a life-limiting/terminal illness. Dream recipients have a prognosis of one year or less and lack the resources to fulfill their Dream on their own.

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Dreams for Veterans

Dream Foundation created Dreams for Veterans in 2014 to tailor the Dream experience to veterans and their families. Dream recipients are U.S. military veterans who served from World War II to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and every conflict in between; those who served during peacetime or who currently serve on active duty, in the Reserve and National Guard. This program acknowledges veterans and honors their service by fulfilling their final Dream.


How We’re Helping

Our $1000 donation will be used to help fulfill a final Dream, providing inspiration, comfort, and closure for the Dream recipient and their family.  

Dream Foundation receives no state or federal funding and relies solely on private donations.

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