August 2, 2019
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Adoption First Animal Rescue

Before and After

Who They Are

Founder Staci Ventura and her husband Eric Crespo began to develop the idea of Adoption First Animal Rescue in 2011 while working for a rescue in the San Diego, CA area. When Eric was stationed in North Carolina the two realized how much help the rural areas needed and decided to pursue the idea of Adoption First! The Rescue officially started on October 1, 2013 and received its 501c3 status as an official non profit organization in 2014. Since then the rescue has developed a great team of volunteers and established a board of directors who run the day to day operations. Dakota Love, a board member, moved to Kentucky where she branched another location! 

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What They Do 


The Adoption First Animal Rescue in Kentucky really focuses on seniors, and medical needs! They love to save those who are overlooked, who need hospice care, or just need out! They are working on lowering euthanasia rates in the Kentucky area, while they do help out of state when they can. They are a no kill shelter, only euthanizing due to health or a behavior that is dangerous. 

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Before and After

How You Can Help 

Our $1,000 donation will be going towards a current vetting bill of $1,740.40.  If you would like to help contribute to saving the animals, please click the button below. All donations are very much appreciated!
Help us build a better future for these survivors!

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