September 24, 2018
Joe Fairless

4 Things I Learned at a Jordan Peterson Seminar

I went to a seminar to hear Jordan Peterson talk and have been obsessively watching his videos on YouTube ever since. Here are my top 4 takeaways from the seminar I attended with my wife.

1 – Make dangerous things useful.

Fire is dangerous. Or it is lifesaving. It depends on how it is directed. Emotions too. Emotions can be dangerous or they can be lifesaving. Not only lifesaving but life sustaining. So don’t judge the emotions we have. Use them.

Feeling scared? What does that really mean? Well it could be a healthy feeling. Perhaps we need to watch out for something ahead. But ultimately it likely means, get prepared.

2 – Just write the damn thing down.

When something big and scary is in your head, write it down. If you are worried about something, write it down. Why? Because once you write it down it becomes real. And real things have flaws, have vulnerable points. When writing it down you can then do the exercise of identifying where the vulnerabilities of this thing are. Otherwise, it is something that seems strong and bulletproof.

3 – Voluntarily confront what you’re afraid of.

Find what you’re are afraid of. Well, let’s be honest, it already found you, didn’t it? Now that you have identified it, voluntarily confront it. Because when you voluntarily confront it, it makes it a challenge not a threat. And you don’t become less afraid. You become brave.

4 – Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Not who someone else is today.

Micro improvements are the key here. Be focused on improving yourself every day. Ask yourself, what can I do today that will make me a better version of myself than yesterday? And do it. And set yourself up for success.

Want to be a successful real estate investor but don’t have the time to be active on BiggerPockets? Then just make a commitment to post one time a week.

Don’t have time to do that? Then just post one time every two weeks. Just do something. Then, that will build momentum.

The Matthew Principle states that every success you have will increase the probability to have a future success. But be aware, the inverse is true. Every failure will increase the probability to have a future failure. So set yourself up to win by creating micro habits that you can and will do. Then build on it.

If you are new to Jordan Peterson and want to learn more, a great place to start are the links above or his interviews on the Joe Rogan podcast, with this interview here being the most popular. Or just search “Jordan Peterson” on YouTube as there are thousands of videos to choose from.
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