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How to Build a Recession-Resistant Portfolio 
By Investing in Self-Storage



Self-storage has been the #1 performing asset class during economic uncertainty.

The question is WHY? Why has self-storage outperformed major asset classes in the last two economic downturns?

In this 30-min webinar, you’ll find out why self-storage delivers very robust returns and the reasons it’s an excellent source of passive income. 

Kris Benson, CIO of Reliant Real Estate Management, dives into the data and talks about what you need to know about investing in self-storage.  

What you’ll learn:

  • How self-storage creates a recession-resilient investment portfolio
  • How self-storage performed in the last two economic downturns
  • What drives the demand for self-storage in a recession
  • If we’re really headed into a recession based on historical data

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Your Host: Kris Benson

Chief Investment Officer, Reliant Real Estate Management

Kris leads the commercial real estate company’s investment committee, which determines what self-storage properties to purchase that grow equity and create passive income for investors.

Reliant Real Estate Management is the 17th largest self-storage operator in the U.S. They’ve taken 38 properties full cycle with an average project-level IRR of 33% and $0 of investor principal lost.

In the past three years, Reliant has bought and sold over $1,000,000,000 in self-storage properties.

Track Record


Average Internal 
Rate of Return


Average Total Return
on Investment


Average Annual Return
on Investment

3.62 yrs

Average Holding

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