September 18, 2019
Joe Fairless

8-Step Process for Finding the Owner of an LLC

A great way to find apartment deals – especially in a hot market – is to conduct a direct mailing campaign.

Build a list. Create a marketing piece. Mail the marketing piece directly to the owner.

However, in order to have an effective direct mailing campaign, you must mail DIRECTLY to the owner.

When creating a list of apartment owners to mail to, you will likely come across a lot of properties whose owner of record is a limited liability company (LLC). When this is the case, an extra step is required – you must find the owner of the LLC.

If you were to send your direct mailing campaign to the LLC address, you are reducing the likelihood of a response. Most likely, the address of the LLC is a PO Box and not the home address of the LLC’s owner.

Fortunately, finding the owner of an LLC is fairly straight forward. Here is the eight-step process for finding the contact information of the owner an LLC:

Step 1 – Determine the state in which the LLC is located. Typically, the state in which the property is located is the state in which the LLC is located. However, that is not always the case (see Step 5 for how to determine the state in which the LLC is located).

Step 2 – Once you have determined the state in which the LLC is located, go to that state’s Secretary of State or Department of State website. The name of the website will vary from state-to-state, so just Google “(state name) secretary of state”.

Step 3 – Locate the business, entity or corporations search page. The name of the page will vary from state-to-state.

Step 4 – Use the search function to search for the LLC name.

Step 5 – If the LLC is located in that state, the name will appear in the search results. If the LLC is not located in that state, the name will not appear in the search results, in which case you will need to locate the correct state. To do so, perform a Google search, making sure to insert quotation marks around the LLC name so that the search results are for the exact name of the LLC. For example, Google “ABC acquisitions LLC”.

Step 6 – Click on the LLC name in the search results.

Step 7 – At this point, the contact information (i.e. the LLC owner’s name and address) may be presented. If not, locate the Articles of Organization.

Step 8 – Download the Articles of Organization. In some states, there may be a fee to view the Articles of Organization. Regardless, the name and address of the LLC’s owner/s will be listed on the Articles of Organization.

You must go through this process for every apartment on your list whose owner is an LLC. Take the time to find the owner’s name and address rather than mailing to the LLC address listed on the appraisal or auditor site to maximize your response rate and conversion rate.

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