August 29, 2016
Joe Fairless

3 Online Marketing Methods To Complete 400 Deals

In my conversation with Lolita Sheriow, who is a wholesaler, speaker, author, and podcast host, she explained the marketing strategies that have allowed her to complete 400 deals in 9 years!

Lolita is a huge proponent of having an online presence. The obvious reason is that everyone is online these days. However, Lolita applies marketing methods that allow her to stand apart from the masses and increase her overall visibility. By creating content that exudes her as an authority in the real estate world, she is able to generate massive amounts of leads. How else do you close on 400 deals in 9 years?

While Lolita does utilize direct mail to obtain leads, she has mastered three other marketing avenues that are entirely online:

Social Media

Lolita uses social media to mostly promote her brand. She is on all social media and keeps things consistent across platforms. If you go on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you will find that she has the same picture, bio information, posts, etc. However, simply being on all social media sites isn’t enough, or else you will not stand out. To avoid being just another fish in the pond, Lolita makes sure she stays active. Again, this allows her to increase her visibility and display herself as an authority in the real estate market, which results in leads and deals!

YouTube Videos

Lolita has also been successful using YouTube as a marketing platform. She started posting YouTube videos several years ago. She still get leads that trickle in on a weekly basis from people that viewed her videos. Lolita’s most successful video was on the topic of probate leads and direct marketing (click here to watch). It is approaching 25,000 views! Due to the popularity of the video, Lolita has had tons of people reach out to her. She has answered countless questions, generated a lot of leads that ended up putting money in her pocket, has gotten new coaching clients, and has sold different products and services that she provides. All this from a single, and informative, 15-minute video!

Also, Lolita has a separate YouTube channel that is used for the sole purpose of attracting motivated sellers. The content is different compared to her general YouTube channel and she features the videos on her third style of marketing, which is…

Squeeze Pages

Finally, Lolita uses squeeze pages to attract motivated seller leads. On the squeeze pages, she will post the “motivated sellers” specific YouTube videos. The squeeze pages and respective videos focus on attracting sellers from Lolita’s target niches: vacant property sellers, probates, delinquent property taxes, and delinquent mortgage payments.

Which of Lolita’s three marketing/branding strategies can you add to your repertoire to increase your deal pipeline?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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